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A course to lick your fingers and thumbs off

The start and finish location has moved to the Maerlant Atheneum, close to the railway station and tram stop. (map)
On Saturday, the starting point of the 50KM is Bruges station

A supply to lick the
fingers and thumbs off too

Tweedaagse Voettocht Blankenberge - Supplies

Traditionally, the Two Days Walk is known as a walk where you won’t be short of anything.

This time too, we will spoil you with a range of supplies so you will certainly not lack anything along the way.

Thus, all walkers will receive a delicious fresh egg cake from, a tasty yet nutritious gingerbread from Vondelmolen, several pieces of fruit such as apple/pear/banana, fruit juice, several water taps, a beer from Achouffe and, of course, a freshly baked fish* on a sandwich.

Along the way, there are several rest stops where you can still get all kinds of things.

*1 fish per walker

Ambience from start to finish

Tweedaagse Voettocht Blankenberge - The Little Crazey Pony Band on tour in Blankenberge

Live music

From the start, you will be sent up the course to the accompaniment of marching music, rousing announcers and performances and entertainment on arrival.

Unique this year is a cover band of walkers who, after walking that day, will bring a delightful setlist to make all sore feet forget.

On the road

Ambiance is also guaranteed along the way.

Zuienkerke is home to the classic prondel market and a big village festival.

Two-day hike Blankenberge - Ambiance in Zuienkerke
Two-day hike Blankenberge - Children's disco

For young walkers

And there is also huge ambiance for the youth.

  • children’s disco
  • bouncy castles
  • balloon folders
  • face painting workshops
  • crazy hairstyles

A hiking audience that stands out!

The Two-Days Walk is for everyone.

Young and old, mobile and less mobile, human and dog.

The Two-Days Walk is international

As a member of IML Walking Association, we traditionally get a lot of participants from all over the world.

This year, we are hosting a large delegation from Croatia, who will be delighted to introduce all walkers to their event and the region.

Japan’s Minamiboso will also not be missing to further highlight the fraternisation and exchange.

In addition to neighbouring countries, we may also welcome a large group from Taiwan.

Unique souvenir

Taking part in the Two-Days Walk will stick in your memory. Still, nothing like being rewarded for this as well with a badge and medal.

All walkers will be given a unique badge.

And those who gave their best for 2 days will be extra rewarded with a unique medal.

Badge and medal - 51st Two-Days Walk Blankenberge

Walking heart

Walking is healthy


Walking is food for the body and mind.

(And it’s quite fun too!)

So what are you waiting for!

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